About Demonte Caravan Conversions

Demountable Caravan was born with the mission of producing solutions that can appeal to people’s adventurous passions, realize their dreams, and travel freely without sacrificing comfort and quality in their living spaces.

Demonte Group of companies started its commercial life with Demounted Wood in 2011, respectively. Demounted Wood, which has become the leading company of its sector in a short time, has a closed area of ​​​​2500m2 for Sizing, PVC Banding, Minifix, CNC, Curvilinear Banding, PVC Coatings, Wood Coatings, Edge Banding, CNC Wood and decoration. provides services on the subject. The second company of the demounted group of companies is Demounted laser metal cutting, which was established in 2015. As a demounted laser, it continues its services in 1500m2 with TruLaser 3050, BYSTRONIC Fiber Laser and iron bending machines. With a staff of 40 people in our general structure, our work continues in the sectors we are pioneers.

We wanted to enter the Campervan sector, which has been our dream for a long time, with our experience in wood and our passion for our camps on our routes that we started with motorcycles, and in 2018 we established Demounted Caravan. With our entry into the caravan sector, we have directed and developed ourselves to only one product, Vw Transporter. Thanks to our R&D studies and productions, we are turning Vw Transporter vehicles into camping vehicles. We have opened up to Europe by becoming a brand that dominates Turkish market with our vehicles that we have always developed based on world standards and comfort.

Our activities continue with many European countries after England, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and France.

We only use high quality materials in our products, new generation technologies in our vehicles, and we aim to provide pleasant experiences to our customers. We work with human resources with many years of sectoral experience in the design, implementation and production stages. We are very serious about safety, especially when applying electricity and water systems, and we prioritize human health by choosing products that made from environment friendly materials.